BCB honey farm is currently Unavailable. Please check back soon for when they return and thank you for your interest!

About BCB honey farm


Founded in 2003, Dr. Tabari established BCB Natural Products and Services Ltd. in British Columbia, Canada. For research purposes he started with 50 hives. He quickly realized a crucial demand for the pollination honey bees provide to fruits in B.C., which happens to be dependant on the import of bees from other provinces’ to pollinate their crops. The bee population in North America is in a steady decline. It became Dr. Tabari’s life-long mission to revive the B.C. bee population. He now runs thousands of hives throughout the Lower Mainland and Peace River in an effort to make B.C. independent from imported bees. His bees provide Pollination Services on a wide variety of crops: blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, and other local crops found in British Columbia. Until now, most of his honey has been exported to different countries across the globe. However, recently Iman opened his BCB Honey Farm, where he sells his honey to local customers and tourists. All honey packaging is done at the Honey Farm.