QI: Organic Matcha Green Tea powder - 40g

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Matcha is the Champion of Green teas, a super concentrated green tea powder made from the finely ground, shade-grown leaves and is vivid green in color. It has been used for centuries by Japanese monks to relax and meditate whilst remaining alert. Matcha, like other green teas, contains a class of antioxidants called catechins.

Low Caffeine, comes in a resealable freshness bag 40 grams. Organic Certified!

Organic Matcha Powder

Qi Matcha is quick and easy to make, simply put 1/2 teaspoon of Matcha powder in a cup, pour hot water over and whisk vigorously, its as simple as that! Alternatively add Matcha to fruit juice, soups, smoothies or yogurts and whisk to enhance your favorite drinks and foods. Qi teas are ethically sourced from small farmers in an environmentally protected area high in the Yellow Mountains of Southern China.

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