Fireside French Roast [Whole Beans] - 454g

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Format: Whole Beans
Roast Level: Darkest Roast
Excellent in all brew methods (including espresso)

This blend boasts big and bold notes of-
Dark Chocolate
Rich and Creamy

[1] Fireside French Roast 454 grams bag

Blend of carefully selected coffees from Brazil and Colombia from smallhold farmers utilizing ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Fireside is big, bold, and roasty without being burnt and oily. The darkest, most developed coffee on our spectrum, Fireside French offers deep, rich body without the bitterness that often results in dark roasts. To us, "French Roast" is a degree of development, and not a color.

All coffees are freshly roasted in small batches in Abbotsford, BC., and packaged in 100% Omnidegradable bags produced by Tekpak in Ontario, Canada.

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