February 10, 2021

BC Buzz Honey

Vendor Story

We all know and love honey. The sweet and sticky confection can be used in hundreds of applications, from simply sweetening tea to pairing together with oil and vinegar for a delicious vinaigrette to replacing other forms of sugar in cooking and baking. Today, we are featuring BC Buzz Honey, a small batch honey producer based in Langley, BC, that makes local and specialty honey and other bee products such as bee pollen. Find your favourite variety of honey in our shop, in flavours like clover, blueberry and raspberry. Now let’s take a closer look at the story behind the BC Buzz Honey brand and its products, have a read below as we highlight these aspects and more in this week’s Farm Story.

What do you produce at BC Buzz Honey, and what products do you offer?

We produce a variety of different types of 100% Canadian honey. The varieties of honey we have are Blueberry, Buckwheat, Cinnamon, Clover, Creamed Clover, Dandelion, Raspberry, Wildflower. We also have bee pollen, beeswax, and honeycomb.

What do you or your company stand for?

BC Buzz Honey strives to produce the best quality honey possible. We want to make our honey and other bee products accessible to everyone at a competitive price. We also believe in honesty and integrity and have gone above and beyond to ensure we deliver our customers the best products.

What’s the story behind it all?

BC Buzz Honey was started by Chris Davies and Kris Friesen in 2013. With a small number of beehives and a small garage to extract and bottle honey, Chris and Kris started selling honey at local pop-up markets in the Fraser Valley. From there, they were able to get their product into a handful of stores and markets. In October 2015, Chris and Kris decided to hire their first employee to bottle honey and get the product into more local grocery stores and other locations. Cody Graham came onboard after selling BC Buzz Honey at his roadside corn stand in the summer. With Chris, Kris, and Cody working together as a team, BC Buzz started to grow. The small amount of bottled honey grew into large amounts, and the team upgraded the small garage to a far larger bottling facility and warehouse. You can now find BC Buzz Honey in hundreds of different locations throughout BC and other provinces. In June 2020, BC Buzz Honey opened a farm store at the front of their property. The company continues to grow to this day and is hoping to continue growing every year.

How do you feel about the Fraser Valley and about supporting local businesses?

We love the Fraser Valley and supporting local small businesses. We also love being able to give a quality local product to the people of the Fraser Valley. There are so many unique small businesses and farm stores in the Fraser Valley. We have all found a hidden gem or two while driving in the countryside, whether it be fruits and vegetables, a good meat shop, or a nice place to grab a soup and sandwich or an ice cream cone.

What does the future have in store?

The future at BC Buzz Honey looks pretty sweet, pun intended. We are hoping to grow our company every year, and to this point, we have. We plan to expand our facilities to hire employees to increase our production, which will help us get more honey to more people.

How has your relationship with your customers evolved over the years?

Business is all about relationships. We have had and hope to always have a great relationship with our customers. Whether they are retail or wholesale customers, we want all of our relationships to get better as time goes by.