April 21, 2021

European Flavour Factory

Vendor Story

Whether preparing for a summertime barbeque or looking to add some extra tang to your meal, you will want to learn more about this week’s featured vendor story: European Flavour had a chance to learn more about the vendor and all of their great sauces! Let’s take a look and see what the Chilliwack-based company had to say.


What do you produce at Flavour Factory, and what products do you offer?

European Flavour Factory produces exceptional hot sauces that will give your senses the ultimate flavour trip. When you taste our homemade hot sauces and BBQ sauces, you will feel a climactic heat rising within, sending your gustatory cells into a spin. Unlike most hot sauces, our​ sauces omit the vinegar base, so every sauce is sultry hot yet manageable.​ Our sauces are very flavour-forward and different from your usual sauces; you can even use them as a marinade!


What do you or your company stand for? 

We stand for quality and change. We have stepped out of the norm with our unique flavours, non-vinegar base and non-fermented sauces. We want to revolutionize the hot sauce industry and how people think about hot sauce. Many people that say they don’t like or can’t eat hot sauce have converted into hot sauce lovers tasting our sauces. We don’t add capsaicin extract that most hot sauces contain to create heat. This leads to mouth and fingertips burning and an unenjoyable hot mess of a meal. Using only natural heat from our homegrown peppers and no vinegary taste to fight off, we have created an enjoyable and unique gourmet sauce experience.  


What’s the story behind it all? 

Owned and operated by a young Chilliwack couple, Vivien and Richard, European Flavour Factory expands on the sauce recipes produced by Richard’s parents in Europe with a unique twist you can only find when you shop with us. We have flavours for everyone, and best of all, our hot sauces are non-vinegar-based, vegan, and gluten-free — except for our BBQ sauce, which we simply couldn’t keep the gluten-y goodness out of if we tried.


We are passionate about gardening and cooking. With determination and spirit, we’ve created a hot, aromatic, and spicy product that no other hot sauce company has made before. Our Carolina Reapers are homegrown and added for heat and flavour. Turn up the volume by tasting all of our sauces, and feel free to use them as a dipping sauce or marinade, too! The flavours incorporated in our top-of-the-line hot sauces will transport your taste buds to Hungary, Germany, Turkey, France, and the Caribbean, all without having to book a plane ticket or leave the comfort of your home!

We have also cooked up some great names for our Canadian hot sauces to honour the front-line workers we support, including Life Support, Sauce-Aggedon and K-9 Unit. 


How do you feel about the Fraser Valley and about supporting local businesses?

We love the Fraser Valley and all the support we have received from the locals; we are very thankful to everyone. It is tough times we are living in currently, and the response has been tremendous. Small, local businesses are doing their best to support each other so that together we can continue to thrive.


What does the future have in store? 

We are working on bringing new sauces to everyone’s tables. We have been getting many requests for new flavours, and we’ve listened. They will be coming soon!  


How has your relationship with your customers evolved over the years?

We are so-so thankful for all of our customers this past year, which also happens to be our first year in business. We have many regulars that buy our sauces, and in the process, they have become wonderful friends! There’s no debate that food brings people together, and we love to be a part of that experience. As we continue to grow and build upon previous successes, we look forward to what the future has in store!


Want to see European Flavour Factory’s catalogue and spice up your life? Visit their farm page on here: European Flavour Factory.






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