July 27, 2021

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd.

Vendor Story

The QuantoTech team designs vertical farming solutions and manufactures them locally in BC using many “grow recipes” developed over the years. QuantoTech’s control and monitoring systems can reduce the labour involved in growing produce to support local micro-farms that service the community in which they are located. Their flagship farm is located in Chilliwack, where they produce various lettuces sold across the Lower Mainland. We had a chance to interview the founding member of QuantoTech, Alycia van der Gracht, to learn more about their operation. Check out her answers below!

What do you produce at QuantoTech Solutions Ltd., and what products do you offer?

We produce various gourmet baby lettuce heads, including buttercrunch, pomegranate, tom thumb, darkness, or drunken lady varieties. In addition, we are constantly testing out new baby lettuce varieties and other produce that you will see in the store soon.

What do you or your company stand for?

Our goal is to increase food security in Canada while reducing the transit time between farm to fork. Produce has a short shelf life, and the nutritional value deteriorates quickly after harvest. By harvesting the morning of delivery and keeping the root bulb attached, we can extend both the crop’s shelf life and nutrient value. Skipping middlemen and delivering direct through helps as well.

What’s the story behind it all?

We started as an LED lighting company making custom LED lights for horticulture. We have always wanted to expand into indoor food production, but only recently have costs come down enough to be viable. We have done work in northern communities throughout BC to help develop our vertical grow equipment, and now we’re ready to start growing in the Fraser Valley.

How do you feel about the Fraser Valley and about supporting local businesses?

Supporting local businesses is essential to a thriving community. Too much of our produce and food products are imported when we have plenty of local options available. So we are happy to see companies like the support local.

What does the future have in store?

We will be expanding our production. Our eyes are set on a larger facility that will allow us to grow more varieties of produce and supply higher volumes. We also intend to expand across Canada in as many communities as we can.

How has your relationship with your customers evolved over the years?

Since we started as a technology provider, our relationships were primarily business to business, so we are looking forward to developing relationships with local customers.

By taking a highly scalable approach to vertical farming technology, QuantoTech can run several micro-farms in closer proximity to where consumers will be. This helps reduce their carbon footprint and the overall time it takes for their produce to travel. These elements plus reduced time in storage allow QuantoTech to focus on providing their customers will the freshest and highest nutritional value produce available year-round. But, of course, you won't want to miss out on their deliciously hearty and tasty lettuce, now available on our website here. Let us know what you think!