Products from Burnaby Organic Greenhouse Ltd are currently Out of Season. Please check back soon for when they return and thank you for your interest!

About Burnaby Organic Greenhouse Ltd


Burnaby Organic Greenhouse Ltd was established in April, 2016 by Ivy Cheng, an experienced Professional Engineer for over 30 years, creating the brand PureLand. We conducted numerous prototypes in climate-controlled and pesticide free hydroponic greenhouse for leafy veggies and microgreens with collaboration from the University of Fraser Valley. We selected the most suitable seeds and nutrient formula for a variety of microgreens. From the successful prototypes, we used our research data to scale up our growing system, and were successful in reducing growing time to just a few days. At this time, with our super-fast cycle, we focus on growing broccoli and radish microgreens because they are the most nutritious veggies based on the study results from the University of Saskatchewan and University of Valencia.