Cashew Coffee Creamer [Vanilla & Original] - 500ml x2

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Introducing the locally made plant-based cashew coffee creamer, crafted with care in Delta, BC. This dairy-free delight comes in two delectable flavors: vanilla and original unsweetened. Elevate your coffee experience each morning with a smooth, creamy texture that perfectly complements your favorite brew.

Unlike traditional creamers, this artisanal blend won't curdle or leave a bitter aftertaste. Its easy-to-blend formula effortlessly infuses your coffee with a rich, satisfying flavor. Indulge in a guilt-free coffee break knowing that you're supporting a local business and making a sustainable choice. Treat yourself to the best that Delta, BC has to offer with our delicious plant-based cashew coffee creamer.

Order includes [1] Cashew Coffee Creamer in Vanilla 500ml and [1] Cashew Coffee Creamer in Original 500 ml

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