Cranberry Liqueur - 750 ML

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Our pure cranberry liqueur is a delightful blend of Dragon Mist Vodka, fresh cranberries and sugar syrup. It can be served neat, on ice, with or after dessert, or in cocktails and martinis.
Try substituting our Cranberry liqueur for cranberry juice in your next Cosmopolitan or Crantini!

(1) - Dragon Mist Cranberry Liqueur 750ML

Style: Liqueur
Alc/Vol: 26%
Dragon Mist Vodka
Fresh Cranberries
Sugar Syrup

Try this variation on the classic crantini cocktail!

• 2 1/2 ounce Dragon Mist Vodka
• 1 ounce Dragon Mist Cranberry Liqueur
• Garnish- fresh/dried cranberries
• Garnish- lemon twist

Pour vodka and cranberry liqueur in a mixing glass. Fill with ice and stir well. Strain into a chilled cocktail or martini glass. Garnish with dried or fresh cranberries. Add lemon twist for that pop of flavour!

All Products are certified Gluten-Free:
We care about your positive tasting experience. All Dragon Mist Distillery products and ingredients are carefully monitored and are certified gluten-free.

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