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Our four-column distillation and quadruple filter process both ensure the smoothest, most unique, small-batch, micro-distilled vodka available. This premium quality vodka is made with wheat grown in Dawson Creek, and pure, clear Canadian glacial water… that’s all. Fermented, distilled, and bottled without the addition of neutral grain spirits or any additives.

(1) - Dragon Mist Vodka 750ML

Style: Vodka
Alc/Vol: 40%
Flavour notes: Discover the smooth, pure and natural spirit of Dragon Mist Vodka .

Wheat (Dawson Creek, BC)
Canadian Glacial Water

Neat, on the rocks, in cocktails, or an icy well-shaken martini.

All Products are certified Gluten-Free:
We care about your positive tasting experience. All Dragon Mist Distillery products and ingredients are carefully monitored and are certified gluten-free.

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