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Sacramentum Basilius Melomel [Red Tomato/Basil] - 750 ml

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Sacramentum Basilius Melomel
Dry Honey Mead Wine
Flavour: Red Tomato and Basil Mead
Sweetness: 0 / 10
ABV: 11.5%

Ruby red heirloom tomatoes and garden fresh basil combine with honey to delight the epicurean in all of us! Soft, with subtle freshness on the nose and a balanced pleasant acidity will make this wine the crowning jewel of gourmet pasta puttanesca or primavera.

Pairing ideas:

Lovely with fresh seafood and shellfish, this wine is produced in partnership with the heirloom tomato experts at Baker Breeze Farm for gourmands of the highest caliber.

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