Sacramentum Noctis Dry [Black Tomato/Pepper] - 750 ml

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Sacramentum Noctis Dry Black Tomato / Pepper
Dry Honey Mead Wine
Flavour: Black Tomato / Smokey Peppery
Sweetness: 0 / 10
ABV: 12.1%

Dry and bold for pairing with robust meals! Smoky heirloom black tomatoes and the finest black peppercorns combine for a savoury accent to roasted meats or root vegetables. Light on the nose and palate with a pleasantly warm lingering finish. Dry heirloom black tomato Melomel with a smoky peppery finish that provides an alternative to red wine at your table.

Pairing ideas:

Butternut squash soup, roasted red meats, mushrooms. Brings out the best of roasted root vegetables or savoury soups. Stunning with steak!

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