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Zephyr Metheglin [Coffee] - 750 ml

Liquor | Wine





Zephyr Coffee Metheglin
Semi Sweet Honey Mead Wine
Flavour: Coffee
Sweetness: 3 / 10
ABV: 12.0%

What could the "Buzz" be about? Coffee Mead, of course! Aromatic, refined, and robust - just like your favourite coffee shop, but better!

Zephyr is the winged god of the west wind and some say the father of Merlin. We are certain that this special edition mead will fly off the shelves!! This wine is perfect to share at the start of a "magical" evening. Wonderful with quality chocolate!

Pairing Ideas:

Pairs with chocolate, cigars, s’more’s, and after dinner conversations. A delectable substitute for your espressos and cappuccinos.

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