Hot Chocolate Porter [4] - 473ml

Liquor | Beer





Style: Porter
Alc/Vol: 6%
IBU: 30
Malts: BC Barley, Chocolate, Crystal, Dark Munch
Hops: BC Sterling, UK Fuggles
Other Additions: Chocolatas Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla

[4] Hot Chocolate Porter 473ml

Conditioned with Cacao Nibs, rich silky dark chocolate flavours are at the forefront of this robust porter. With hints of vanilla, a creamy and decadent malt body make this porter a delicious, grown up version of a winter treat. The perfect bottle to share during this season of giving.

Food Pairing: Raspberry Cheesecake, Cassis Mousse, or Vanilla Ice Cream. Stews or steak pies are a great pairing or try cooking with the beer too!

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