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Striploin Steak AAA [3 pc] - Approx. 36 Oz

Meat & Seafood | Beef





One of our customer popular cuts! Striploin Steak AAA is hand-selected AAA graded beef.

The fat content in Striploin Steak is low compared to rib steak or ribeye, so if you are looking for something on the leaner side, but still a premium cut of beef, this cut is the right choice.

Sirloin Steak typically weighs 36 Oz with 3 steak per order. Product weights are approximate as they can slightly vary.

Fresh not frozen - Ready to cook upon delivery! We recommend the grill for best results. Simple and easy!

100% AAA BC Local beef
Local & Naturally raised
Grass Fed
No Hormones
No Antibiotics

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