Combo A - Salty Sugar Macarons - 6 Pack

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Please Note: This will be a set box of 6 macarons and contain one alcohol-infused macaron! Every box will include a flavour card inside the box.

All of these are made with no food colouring, no sugar-filling and extra bold flavours; so you can enjoy these delicate macarons knowing that everything we do is using the best quality ingredients.

All products contain dairy and almond

This order contains the following Salty Sugar Macarons for a total of 6 per package:

[1] Hojicha
[1] Koucha Black Tea
[1] Raspberry Cream Cheese
[1] Salted Caramel
[1] Gamaicha Salted Kinako
[1] Tiramisu Bourban Whiskey

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