[ Paragon x Salty Sugar ] The Tea Mooncakes - 6

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Another year has come to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival! And it cannot be complete without mooncakes as it represents reunion and togetherness with a tradition of gifting and sharing between friends and families. Over the past few months, we have been working on so many recipes and ratios for this new flavour to make the perfect mooncakes just for you! We are very excited to have collaborated with Paragon Tea Room again using their amazing teas for all the strong tea flavours!

Now we present to you our flavours of tradition with a twist:

[1] Hojicha Salted Egg
[1] Matcha Black Sesame
[1] Thai Tea Frangipane
[1] Jasmine Osmanthus
[1] Salted Kinako Genmaicha
[1] Pu-erh Chocolate Tangerine

Each mooncake consists of 3 Layers: A tea-infused shortbread crust, a custard & a unique centrepiece. Comes in a box of all 6 flavours.

100% Preservatives Free Handcrafted Locally

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