Dragon Momoko - 6 inch Whole Cake

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Please Note: this cake is prepared the morning of the requested delivery day for the ultimate freshest cake.

Peach season is here and we made a very special cake for you! This is the most refreshing cake we have ever made. Fresh peach compote with yogurt mousse and Dragon Well (Longjing) green tea ganache are the perfect pairing for this type to dessert! Originally, we wanted to make oolong peach, but we know that this combination has been too overdone already then this Dragon Well (Longjing) green tea came up to us. It was a great surprise that everything works together, the aroma of the tea melts in your mouth blends with the fresh peach compote and the smooth yogurt mousse. Everything just seems to match perfectly and we can’t wait for you to try it!

Cake Layers:

Fresh Peach Compote
Dragon Well (Longjing) Ganache
Yogurt Mousse
Green Tea Sponge
Peach and Longjing Jelly
White Chocolate and Green Chocolate Wall

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