Tea-Infused Nama Chocolate - 20 Piece Set

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Plant-Based Nama Chocolates gives the mouthfeel a smooth texture that melts once put into your mouth. This gift is specially infused with tea so people can try something different while in the time of Valentines and Lunar New Year! Tea infused chocolates are commonly seen in chocolate bonbons, but no one has ever done it in a Nama chocolate form, especially with these teas. We have challenged ourselves to create these delicious soft silky chocolates that are also plant-based because we know lots of people nowadays are commonly lactose-intolerance. Enjoy this lactose-free Nama chocolate with a cup of tea or coffee to have the best experience.

Every box comes with 20 pieces in total with 4 flavours inside! It also comes with 2 forks so you can enjoy it while on the road as well!

Flavours Included:

[5] Original
[5] Oolong
[5] Pu-erh
[5] Chai

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