Wild Mushroom Soup Kit

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Our wild mushroom soup mix kit contains a pack of 7 different types of wild mushrooms, wild rice, and our legendary wild mushroom soup recipe. It is perfect as a gift or to treat yourself with a rich creamy soup.

Anyone who has ever tried our Wild Mushroom Soup with Wild Rice has been blown away by the strength and complexity of the flavour! This is largely due to the fact that unlike other ‘wild’ or ‘gourmet’ mushroom mixes, our wild mushroom mix features 7 different varieties of wild-harvested mushroom and no cultivated varieties. We feature this incredible soup at our booth at the Vancouver Christmas Market every winter, with people returning for more year after year!

Our Wild Mushroom Box Features

Dried Wild Mushroom Mix (40g)
Wild Rice (1 lb)

Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in

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