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Cheese Lovers Pasta [6 Pack] - 8 lb

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Pasta Padella maintains that original taste and flavour that people travel across the world to experience. Authentic pasta and risottos dishes made in Italy and ready to eat in 10 minutes. The inspiration? To bring true Italian flavour to Canada. This is Italian eating. Fresh pasta pre-cooked and flash frozen through Individual Quick Freezing!

[2] Pasta with Potato Gnocchi, Mozzarella, Basil – 600 G
If you like gnocchi, this is your go-to! Delicious tomato sauce and mozzarella pieces to make this a cheesy delight.

[2] Pasta with 4 Cheese & Gorgonzola – 600 G
A gourmet twist to the classic mac and cheese with 4 exquisite high quality cheeses: gorgonzola, Grana Padano, pecorino, and of course, mozzarella. mMhmmMMmmm!

[2] Pasta with Eggplant – 600 G
Creamy ricotta cheese makes this pasta alla Norma super juicy and cheesy - and one of our top picks!

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