Infused Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Savoury Butter] - 375ml

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Using vegetal extracts, our Savoury Butter infused olive oil is reminiscent of Normandy, France where cows roam the fields and creamy butterfat is created for culinary creations that do not require overly sweet ingredients.

[1] Savoury Butter Infused Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 375 ml

Crush Date: OCTOBER 2019
Best Before: OCTOBER 2021
Free Fatty Acids: 0.15
Polyphenol: 263 ppm

Base EVOO: Early Harvest Arbequina Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vegan and Vegetarian Certified

Pair with our 18 Year-aged Traditional-style Dark Balsamic Vinegar to make an amazing bread dip or use as a finishing oil for any application that requires melted butter, like popcorn!

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