Infused Premium Rose Balsamic Vinegar [Cranberry / Pear] - 375ml

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Violet in colour, the fruity, sour, and tangy notes of cranberries and the sweetness of the pear purée give this unique balsamic a distinctively bright flavour.

[1] Cranberry Pear Infused Premium Rose Balsamic Vinegar – 375 ml

Acidity: 4%
Cooked Grape Must
Red Wine Vinegar
Cranberry Purée
Pear Purée

Contains naturally occurring sulfites
Country of Origin: Modena, Italy

Pair with Blood Orange or Persian Lime Olive Oils. Add it to sautéed apples and pears before serving or mix it with any braised meats. Delightfully refreshing in sparkling mineral water or cocktails!

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