Chew Love: Beef Tendon Strips [2x long thick strips] - 45g

Pet Food | Dog Treats - Beef

Port Moody




Tasty dog treats. Dehydrated. Single Ingredient For medium to larger dogs

[1]Beef Tendon Strips-Two solid beef tendon strips 45 grams (1.59oz) / single package

Ingredient(s): Beef Tendon. Boiled & Dehydrated

Each of these tasty individual beef tendon treats is packed by weight and it will vary in shape and sizes It's ideal as a tasty longer chew treat for medium up to large dogs! Beef tendons are excellent for your dog's dental health. The string-like texture of the beef tendon essentially acts as a flossing tool. As it softens, the tendon submerges down and in-between your dog’s teeth, navigating the depths of their incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. As a result, you may notice a reduction in harmful plaque and/or bacteria that typically hides in the back of their oral cavity. Your dog will enjoy our handcrafted, all-natural and low odor Chew Love Beef Tendon Strips

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