Chew Love: Smoked Lamb Jerky - 50g

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Tasty dog treats. Dehydrated. Single Ingredient

[1]Smoked Lamb Jerky 50 grams (1.76oz) / single package

Lamb. Smoked with a gourmet wood pellet mix ( Maple, Cheery, and Hickory) Dehydrated

Our tasty smoked lamb jerky treats for dogs provide optimal physical, mental, and emotional health! Spoiling your best friend treats that are made with high-quality ingredients is the secret to ensuring delicious and healthy treats that promote and complement your dog’s healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Here are a few of the many health benefits of lamb jerky treats:

High protein for building healthy body tissue - Protects and regulates body and brain functions - Keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy – Lamb treats for dogs are great for digestion as they're highly digestible. Even dogs with sensitive stomachs can enjoy these treats without risking an upset belly or diarrhea, making them a favorite for both dogs and dog owners.

Go ahead, your dog deserves the good stuff and you will see how happy your dog will be, it’s Chew Love!

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