Chew Love: Smoked Rabbit Jerky - 50g

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Port Moody




Chew Love Smoked Rabbit Jerky. Dehydrated. Single Ingredient. Net Wt. 50g (1.76oz) per Single Pkg.

Our tasty smoked rabbit jerky is extremely high in protein and very low in fat! Rabbit meat is one lean, mean protein! It is especially great for managing your dog’s weight and building muscle! Our 100% rabbit meat jerky is a protein source that your dog has either rarely or never been exposed to before. Dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies will have a better reaction to novel protein compared to other protein sources. If your dog suffers from GI issues or sensitive skin, introducing a novel protein, like rabbit meat, into their diet can help to reset their system.

Go ahead, your dog deserves the good stuff and you will see how happy your dog will be, it’s Chew Love!

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