About The Truffle Store


We are a Vancouver based importer and distributor of exceptional specialty foods from Europe, making a direct and inspiring connection between the producers of these foods and the Canadian food connoisseur. Our company was built on a commitment to service, quality, and integrity. Ingredients & traditions matter. Working to preserve & promote them is something we are deeply passionate about. We believe that food & dining are integral to our social fabric. In these times, where nearly everything is synthesized, automated, and expedited, we are thankful to the passionate farmers who produce the goods we carry. We are equally grateful to our clients for their support, insistence on authenticity & excellence, and their work to provide experiences around which we can all connect over a shared meal. We are firm believers that we work to live, not live to work. We like to get out there and experience life. We attempt to get off the beaten path, to open our eyes to the many amazing cultures and peoples that inhabit Mother Earth.