Live Cilantro Microgreens 5" by 5" Tray

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Expected to be available for delivery starting on 2023-10-05
Pre-order by 2023-09-25
A deposit of the full amount is required upon pre-order



Enjoy the best cilantro you've ever had with this live growing tray of cilantro microgreens. These little leaves are bursting with flavour. You won't get such a big explosion from any other cilantro on the market. It's best when they're fresh and tiny. This is THE secret of the most talented chefs in town. Channel your favourite cooking show and roll up your sleeves. You'll have the best topped tacos in town.

To care for your live tray please place tray in a short dish/on a plate and add approximately 1/4 cup of water to the dish per day until the greens start to yellow and the tray needs to be discarded.

Please note: The live tray is meant to provide the freshest flavour possible, not extend the time you have the product available. You should cut/harvest and eat your greens within 5-7 days of receiving the live tray.

Each order contains [1] Cilantro Microgreens – 5" by 5" Live Tray

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