February 17, 2021

The Benefits of Honey and the Difference in Variety


Everyone loves honey. Whether for the taste, health benefits, or even nostalgia from watching Winnie the Pooh, honey does provide significant health benefits while tasting great. Drizzle it on your pancakes, mix it in your oatmeal, or add it into your coffee; honey is an excellent addition to most anything. Known to be a spread, sugar replacement, or can just be eaten from the spoon, honey’s health benefits surprisingly go a long way. It will benefit you one way or another. So how exactly can honey help you? Let’s dive in and learn!


An excellent replacement for sugar products. Are you having difficulty with sweeteners and sugars that aren’t healthy for you? Consuming honey in moderation can highly benefit you. Although honey is still high in calories and sugar, it is still a better alternative than sugar. Replace any sugar in your morning coffee or tea with honey to give you a soothing drink every morning. Just be wary about using low-quality due to its nutrient quality. See some of these honey jars for high-quality honey.



Honey is a rich polyphenol, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from inflammation. Honey can also help lower blood pressure as recent studies have shown that the compounds within the antioxidants are related to lower blood pressure. So, enjoy some honey! Your body will thank you.



Honey is also known to help with caring for wounds. Dressing wounds is not a new technique or use for honey; it has been used long before, even with ancient Egyptians. According to Healthline, from wounds to burns, honey can heal partial-thickness burns and be an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers. Researchers tout honey because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.



Does this apply to all honey?


No, there are various kinds of honey in the market. You might browse your grocery store to see multiple different labels for your honey. Variations such as regular honey, processed honey, pure honey, natural honey, or even raw honey might be available options for you. So, which one should you pick? They all are viable options. They all provide different benefits when it comes to consumption and health.


Processed honey is the typical bottle you would see in grocery stores, traditionally found in the bear-shaped bottle or a mason jar. Processed honey is filtered to remove any excess from the honeybee process and give the honey more consistency and longer shelf life. 


Pure and natural honey is also filtered; however, it does not include artificial additives, unlike processed honey. However, natural honey may consist of corn syrup and sugar. At the same time, pure honey is 100% free of any excess ingredients. Pure honey is known to be a better choice than natural honey due to its organic features.


Raw honey is the last labelled honey that people come across. Raw honey is the most nutrient-filled honey that consumers can buy. While raw honey has many positive benefits, it may be difficult finding a trusted supplier that can ensure contaminant-free honey at the highest quality. Raw honey is recommended only to be consumed by specific age groups due to the potential contaminants. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase raw honey, confirm with a health specialist to see if it is right for you.


Overall, the benefits of honey are helpful for the human body by providing nutrients and antioxidants. Honey can also be utilized for wounds and burns. There are a few things to watch out for, such as honey labels to ensure you get the right honey for you. However, if you were looking for high-quality suppliers, see the honey selection for local, organic honey suppliers. Order various honey types in many flavours that best suit your needs, direct to your door with