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Many meal providers want to buy direct from BC farms but have a hard time driving there, and even farmers who can deliver will have different schedules making it harder for you to receive it. Now you can quickly search our marketplace to find local staples and specialty products and, with one click of a button, place your order.

Your ingredients will then be delivered directly from farmers and vendors, with everything arriving at your business together. In many cases, the ingredients are harvested the same day or just before they are delivered!

How It Works

Step 1


Search our marketplace and find the ingredients you need

Step 2

Place Order

Place your order on your own time for fresh & flavorful food
(no minimum orders)

Step 3

Get Fresh Food

Food is delivered to your business up to three times per week

Step 4

Tell the Story

Tell the story of fresh, local products in your one-of-kind meals


Always Fresh

Capture specialty items that are difficult to purchase from regular distributors.

Discount Pricing

You will also have exclusive access to our wholesale pricing list, which is only available when creating a member account.

Free Delivery

Absolutely free delivery from your local farmers and vendors, no need to drive and pick up your items anymore. Save time and enjoy the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home.

Free Membership

There is no fee to be a member.

Promote Your Services

Promote your services to DirectFood.Store customers on our website (ask us how)

Farm & Vendor Map

Embed a map of the farms and vendors you buy from on your website to clearly show that you source from local farms

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Delivering consistency is the key to the changing demand of today’s consumer. delivers that consistency and provides top-quality fresh products, in bulk at great prices so you can have sufficient inventory to make your dishes stand out.

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