About Northern Greens

Port Coquitlam

QuantoTech’s vision started through a love of indoor farming forged due to cold winters in Lethbridge, Alberta. QuantoTech was founded by a daughter father duo who quickly found a strong team of likeminded and experienced individuals with the goal of creating technology that can be used to expand access to fresh food in locations and climates where traditional farming methods are ineffective. The goal has always been to develop technology that allows for the growth of hyper-fresh and hyper-local produce on any scale. QuantoTech’s highly scaleable vertical farming technology allows us to operate a number of micro-farms extremely close to the consumer minimizing the carbon footprint of our farms and the time produce spends traveling. By reducing the time produce spends traveling or in storage, thanks to the help of the DirectFood.Store, we are able to ensure the freshest and highest nutritional value produce available. The QuantoTech team designs the LED lights, hydroponics, climate control, monitoring, and control systems in-house and manufacturers them locally in B.C. Using a number of “grow recipes” developed over the years, QuantoTech’s control and monitoring systems are able to reduce the labour involved in growing produce in order to be able to support local microfarms that service the community in which they are located. Our new farm is located in Port Coquitlam serving a variety of lettuce to the lower mainland.