About Ms. Lee's Natural Foods


Active & Cultured, Like You! That bowl in front of you is called Kimchi. Now in three traditional flavours, Ms. Lee’s ferments bring Korea’s beloved superfood right to your plate. Each small batch is handcrafted to deliver rich aromas, bright flavour and plant-based wholesomeness like no other kimchi. Ms.Lee’s authentic recipe was handcrafted as tribute to her Korean family traditions. By using only the best sun-dried Gochugaru (hot pepper flakes), Ms.Lee ensures beautiful natural flavours and colour throughout each jar. Traditional fermented kimchi offers whole foods preserved and flavoured with hand-processed ingredients. Instead of shrimp or beef paste, sugars, and artificial flavours, Ms.Lee devotes care and attention to flavour through her selection of fermented salt, radishes, pears, onions, and sweet rice. Ms.Lee’s process, perfected over 30 years, is a mix of modern and traditional ingredients and techniques that hold on to the complexities that fermentation offers to simple locally-sourced vegetables like napa cabbage, radish, and lotus root. All kimchi flavours from Ms.Lee’s kitchen are preserved naturally with salt and this process ensures nutrient-dense active probiotic cultures that are good for your health. Ms.Lee will win you over with her spirited affection for kimchi — which she attributes to days in the kitchen making kimchi with her mother. She believes wholeheartedly in her plant-based recipe, so much so that she has converted many traditional, shrimp-based kimchi lovers into devoted modern, eco-friendly, vegan kimchi fans.