Black Tea Opera - 5 x 5 Square Whole Cake

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Please Note: this cake is prepared the morning of the requested delivery day for the ultimate freshest cake.

What we have here is a classic with a twist, “Black Tea Opera”, it is a cake that truly brings together the Western and Eastern together. We combined a few black teas together for the perfect blend so you will enjoy layers of richness from the tea, the creaminess from the buttercream and the texture from the almond sponge. And why is it call Opera? Opera Cake is a classic French pastry that is made with layered espresso soaked almond sponge, chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream. All together it performs an opera right in your mouth.

Cake Layers:

Black Tea soaked Almond Sponge
Black Tea Ganache
Koucha Buttercream
Toasted Almonds
Dark Chocolate Glaze
Koucha Macarons
Dark Chocolate Triangle

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