Genmaicha Maze - 6 inch Whole Cake

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Please Note: this cake is prepared the morning of the requested delivery day for the ultimate freshest cake.

Did you know Genmaicha and Kinako are a perfect fall combination? Genmaicha is a Japanese roasted rice green tea that has the roastiness from the rice and the fragrance of the green tea makes you feel cozy when having it. Kinako is roasted soybean powder that is usually dusted on top of mochi or shaved ice. These two flavours have a similar roast flavour that pairs so well together that it this combinations should have been around a long time ago!

Cake Layers:

Genmaicha Sponge
Strong Genmaicha Ganache
Brown Sugar Jelly
Kinako Ganache
Genmaicha Piping Decor
Salted Rice Crispy

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