Hojicha Mont Blanc - 6 inch Whole Cake

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Please Note: this cake is prepared the morning of the requested delivery day for the ultimate freshest cake.

This combination has been seen in a few different places in the world, especially in Japan! Inspired by those individual Mont Blanc dessert, we created this hojicha Mont Blanc cake. Creamy hojicha ganache with light bouncy hojicha sponge. The top layer is a bergamot cream with chestnut bits to give it a little hint of sourness and texture to cut through from the rich chestnut spread in the bottom layer. The decoration on the top is a light chestnut chantilly for the overall lightness of the cake. It is a must-try for the fall/winter selection!

Cake Layers:

Hojicha Sponge
Creamy Chestnut Spread
Bergamot Mousse
Hojicha Soaked Chestnut Bits
Hojicha Whipped Ganache
Bergamot Jelly
Chestnut Chantilly

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