Mango Paradise - 6 inch Whole Cake

Pantry | Cake Pie & Tarts





Please Note: this cake is prepared the morning of the requested delivery day for the ultimate freshest cake.

Our mango cake is back!! Fresh mangos for every cake so you can enjoy the real, simple, delicious fruit from this cake. The sweetness and sourness of the mango paired up with the creamy matcha ganache to create a perfectly balanced cake in every bite. This unique combination will make you feel like you are in paradise. A mango paradise with thick-cut mangos filling and more mangos on the top enhanced by the matcha flavour, a perfectly refreshing cake to enjoy for every occasion!

Cake Layers:

Fresh Mangos
Matcha Sponge
Matcha Ganache
Dry Aerated Sponge
Chantilly Cream
Chocolate Daisy

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