Yuan Yang - 6 inch Whole Cake

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Please Note: this cake is prepared the morning of the requested delivery day for the ultimate freshest cake.

Yuan Yang is a very popular drink in Asia. It is the perfect combination to merge the world of coffee and tea together with a bit of evaporated milk so the astringency from the tea will not be too overpowering. Now, we have put this incredible drink into a delicious cake for you! Silky smooth espresso mousse with creamy Hong Kong milk tea ganache plus a hint of passion fruit panna cotta to make you eat none stop! Oh! And don’t forget the rice crispy crunch for the absolute texture!

Cake Layers:

Espresso Coffee Mousse
Passionfruit Panna Cotta
Hong Kong Milk Tea Ganache
Black Tea Sponge
Milk Chocolate Rice Crispy Crunch
Coffee Cream
Dark Chocolate Ring
White Chocolate Feathers

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