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Vegetarian Pasta [6 Pack] - 8 lb

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Pasta Padella maintains that original taste and flavour that people travel across the world to experience. Authentic pasta and risottos dishes made in Italy and ready to eat in 10 minutes. The inspiration? To bring true Italian flavour to Canada. This is Italian eating. Fresh pasta pre-cooked and flash frozen through Individual Quick Freezing!

[1] Pasta with Tomato & Pepper – 600 G
A classic tomato pasta but even better because the tomatoes are grown under the warm Italian sun. Topped with some red pepper, a little kick that hurt no body and to slightly spice things up - personal favourite in our family.

[1] Pasta with Eggplant – 600 G
Creamy ricotta cheese makes this pasta alla Norma super juicy and cheesy - and one of our top picks!

[1] Pasta with Turnip Greens – 600 G
This is a traditional Puglian dish (the heel of Italy), called Orecchiette con le Cime di Rapa and is filled with nutrients. Turnip greens are rich in vitamin A, which maintains the health of our skin and hair.

[1] Rice with Butternut Squash – 600 G
A classic fall dish but also a favourite pick when feeling a little festive! The butternut squash is paired with a dash of cinnamon on brown rice.

[2] Pasta with Mushroom – 600 G
One of our best sellers, get ready for a very high-quality mushroom pasta. We use champignon mushrooms and the more sought-after Porcini mushrooms, which, if you know mushrooms, are among the most expensive on the market and most beloved by gourmet chefs due to their high quality.

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