Infused Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Tuscan Herb] - 200ml

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This is a winner with chefs, staff and customers. Combining natural extracts of dried basil, marjoram, garlic, oregano, thyme, rosemary and crushed red pepper along with a hint of fresh garlic, creates a harmonious explosion of flavour.

[1] Tuscan Herb Infused Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 200 ml

Crush Date: OCTOBER 2019
Best Before: OCTOBER 2021
Free Fatty Acids: 0.15
Polyphenol: 263 ppm

Base EVOO: Early Harvest Arbequina Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Use on pizza, salads, bread dipping or your favourite pasta. Pairs with our 18 Year Traditional Dark Balsamic, Sicilian Lemon or Peach White Balsamic.

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