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All of our Double Yolker eggs come from conventional cage-free hens where they are free to roam around and explore, and always have access to perching, nesting and dust bathing areas.

Currently they can vary in being brown or white shelled pending which of our flocks have the biggest eggs available.

These eggs weigh more than 85g and have approximately 50% probability of having 2 egg yolks inside them and are sold in Jumbo Trays that hold 20 eggs / tray as their size requires a lot more space. They weigh a whooping 85g or more compared to a XL which weighs no more that 70g.

They are a combination of enriched, free-range and organic hens so the egg yolk can vary from a lighter yolk color to a dark yolk color pending on the diet the chickens are fed. Free-range hens have more corn in their diet contributing to a dark orange egg yolk color resulting in a stronger flavour, vs the organic diet and 'lighter yolked' eggs tend to have more wheat in the feed which results in a lighter egg yolk color and a more classic test.

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