About The Egg Store


All of our free-range and organic eggs come from cage-free hens that have access to the outdoors, where they are free to roam around and explore. The free-range eggs yolk color is a dark golden color and the chickens are fed a veggie feed (no animal byproducts in feed). These eggs have a stronger, more 'eggy' taste to them vs. the organic and classic white egg. This is due to more corn being in the chickens diet vs. a more wheat based diet. The organic eggs yolk color is a bright yellow and the chickens are fed an organically certified feed diet. This bright yellow yolk is due to the hens having a more wheat based diet though it may sometimes go darker if the hen chooses to eat more grass in the pasture than feed in the hen house. The enriched white eggs come from hens in a large enriched housing system where the hens can roam around in, scratch, perch, dust bathe and nest. These birds do not have access to pasture but do have the luxury and comforts of home. We love what we do and want to continue to grow and serve our customers needs. We've been selling farm fresh eggs at our farm-gate located off Clearbrook road in Abbotsford, for more than a decade.