Cashew Coffee Creamer [Chai Spice & Hazelnut] - 500ml x2

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Introducing our latest plant-based creation, the Chai Spice and Hazelnut Cashew Coffee Creamer, handcrafted with care in Delta, BC. This delicious creamer is perfect for making a smooth and dairy-free latte in the morning, with a unique blend of spices and flavors that will delight your senses.

Our Chai Spice and Hazelnut Cashew Coffee Creamer is made with natural ingredients, including cashew nuts, and is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. The creamy and smooth texture of the creamer is perfect for creating a latte that's dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

The warm and spicy notes of chai spice are perfectly balanced with the sweet and creamy flavor of hazelnut, creating a unique taste that's perfect for any coffee lover. Our creamer blends smoothly with your coffee, creating a velvety texture that's perfect for latte art.

Support a local business and enjoy a delicious and sustainable choice for your coffee. Give our Chai Spice and Hazelnut Cashew Coffee Creamer a try and experience the perfect balance of flavors in your morning latte. Create a coffee shop experience from the comfort of your own home with our locally made plant-based cashew coffee creamer.

Order includes [1] Cashew Coffee Creamer in Chai Spice 500ml and [1] Cashew Coffee Creamer in Hazelnut 500 ml

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