Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil [Single Varietal] - 200ml

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This Ogliarola oil has many complex flavours that are both ripe (nutty, buttery, ripe apple) and green (artichoke, herbaceous, fresh cut grass) with a cinnamon after taste.

[1] Early Harvest Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 200ml

Crush Date: OCTOBER 2019
Free Fatty Acids: 0.15
Oleic Acid: 69.3%
Fruitiness: 7.0
Balance: 9.5
Polyphenols: 286 ppm
Numerical Rating: 90
Peroxide: 9.13

Chemically analyzed to ensure 100% pesticide residue free

This is a really nice, well balanced, every-day-use, medium intensity olive oil. It has a wonderful spicy fruitiness with low bitterness, but significant pungency. It is very fresh with a well-rounded, full bodied mouth feel.

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