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Gourmet lettuce and herb mix is a fresh and flavorful blend of select lettuce varieties and aromatic herbs. This premium mix includes crisp and tender lettuce leaves, as well as fragrant and delicious herbs, creating a unique and tasty salad experience.

Our gourmet lettuce and herb mix is harvested at the peak of freshness, with the grow plugs still intact, ensuring that it retains its full flavor and nutritional value. The mix is carefully packaged and ready for you to enjoy in your favorite salads and dishes.

Whether you are a home cook looking to elevate your salads, or a professional chef seeking new and exciting ingredients, our gourmet lettuce and herb mix is the perfect choice. Try it today and experience the deliciousness of fresh, high-quality lettuce and herbs.

This order contains 2 lettuce heads which may include the following lettuces:

Buttercrunch [Butterhead]
Parris Island [Romaine]


1 of the following Living Herb Bunch:

Swiss Chard

All baby lettuce is harvested day of delivery, with their grow plugs attached, to help extend shelf life and to ensure the highest nutrient content and freshest produce possible.

Wash all produce before use and keep refrigerated

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