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National Dairy Month: Goat’s Pride Dairyy

National Dairy Month: Goat’s Pride Dairy

June is National Dairy Month, and theres no better time to celebrate the delicious and nutritious benefits of dairy! Dairy products come in many varieties, including milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and cream.

National Egg Day

National Egg Day

Celebrate National Egg Day with eggs from our local farms: The Egg Store from Abbotsford, McGillvary Creek Farms, and Skyland Acres from Chilliwack. Enjoy the freshest and most delicious eggs, sustainably produced and delivered straight to your table. Support local farmers and savor the quality!

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No warehouses

Just like our name says, we deliver fresh, local food directly from the source to our customers often on the same day of harvesting. You’re purchasing seasonal products at their peak and because our food is never stored, and you only get the freshest and highest quality available – you can tell the difference, there’s no compromise!


As an online farmer’s market, you have the choice to shop on your own time and from the comfort of your home. No need to drive all the way from Richmond to Abbotsford, try to find parking to different road side stands and farmers’ markets. Simply, get your fresh food online, and we’ll take care of your delivery costs!


Our food is our promise, a promise to bring you absolute freshness and top-notch grocery products. Get quality seasonal and specialty ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables, nutritious eggs and dairy products, organic variety, and unprocessed meats — plus, source your condiments, beverages, liquor and even pet food.

Minimal food waste

Climate change is no surprise. As concerned consumers, we are getting more conscious of our buying behaviour as it directly impacts the environment. Shopping locally and reducing your food miles are the first few steps to cutting down the mass production and making a global change for a healthier planet.


Farm-to-table means you can trace your food back to where it originally comes from and have complete transparency from buying the products to receiving them to your doorstep. Buy directly from the farmers and vendors, and you will get different receipts direct from each merchant, no middleman.


The diversity of our partners and their backgrounds are what make shopping with us so unique. As we know, food comes from all cultures, and each product has its own story and special way of connecting us all together. When you shop with us, you support small businesses and bring the money back to the local food economy.

Explore new possibilities to shop

Earn DirectRewards by buying your favourite products and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online grocery shopping from the comfort of your home. Shop, earn, redeem your points and use them towards your next order. For example, you can earn points when you sign up, write a review, refer a friend or make a donation. Plus, there is no signup or monthly fee to join our DirectRewards program, so why not start today?

Are you a local business? Here’s why you should join us!

We believe the freshest food is direct food and it comes from farmers and vendors without having to be warehoused at all. With us, you can now sell your products easily and conveniently to a wider audience, all across the Lower Mainland. Not only that, we will deliver it for you and bridge the gap between you and local customers, share your stories to bring recognition to your brand and build consumer trust. Best of all, we believe in transparency so you’ll get paid immediately into your merchant account by consumers, no more waiting to reap your benefits - unleash your business’ full potential!

Bringing local food to restaurants and meal providers

Impress your guests with the finest and freshest ingredients you can source for your restaurant! Tell the story of each ingredient, the journey of your unique recipes from local farms to your customer’s table. It’s your personal story, and we want to help you share it with the world. Get top reviews and order as you please - food will be delivered directly to your business up to three times per week. You’ll also have exclusive access to our wholesale pricing list. So, set the bar – buy locally grown food, build strong relationships with farmers and vendors, and help strengthen your community.